Monday, November 21, 2011

"Turkey Toes"

Perfect idea for last minute Thanksgiving gift.
All you need is
-Candy corn
-Mason jar (any size you like)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Organized Spa in your Nightstand

So every night I like to lay in bed and relax, don't we all? So I came up with the perfect solution to pameper myself in bed after a hard days work, at a reach of the hand. I went to a thrift shop and got this great find! Gorgeous box.
Inside was a divider, for jewelery I assume.
I took the divider out, and filled it up with relaxing things to do before I go to bed, or during bed.
Make your nightstand as relaxing as possible, remember that your bedroom is supposed to make you feel at ease, relaxed, and calm every night. We all stress and work hard, so what better way to reach inner strength and peace of mind, by reading a good book, listening to relaxing music, giving yourself a manicure, minty lip balm for a fresh cool feel. Notice I also have a lamp in my drawer, in case the lights go out, you can never be too prepared.
And don't forget HIS for a HIS and HERS organized night stand. My husband is so low maintenance, everything relaxes him.
We like keeping our fortune close by, to remind us of "the best is yet to come".

Ok, so what did I do with that beautiful box?

It's not just a tidy solution, but also decorative. I love putting those remotes in there when no one is using them.

"Love Too" Project

I first saw this beautiful painting on Better Homes and Garden April 2010 issue, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I later on saw it again on Sex and the City movie in Carries apartment. Loved it again, so I looked it up online and found out it was actually not a painting, but a Needlepoint canvas by Paul Smith, oh my gosh, did you see the price on it? $3,125.00 So of course I gave my hopes up.

Luckily, my clever and artistic mentality told me not to give up, so I decided to make my own "Love Too" wall hanging. Except I know not how to Sew, let alone Needlepoint Stitching. I do however love to draw, so I decided to give my artistic hands a try, after not drawing for 5 years, I decided, why no? I love this! So all I needed was, awesome set of drawing pencils, I used a B pencil, coloring pencils, and nice thick drawing paper. There was one little detail that I did think about, I cannot draw it exactly the same nor color it identical, because of course, copyright, or patent rights, so all I did was change a few things of my own. Here's what I came up with.

First of, instead of drawing LOVE, I drew AMOR, which means love in Spanish! than I changed some colors of the letters, and very intricate designs of the vines. I also made it smaller, therefore it is my own now! The project alone, took me about 7 hours to complete, of course I didn't do it all it one day, with a 6 month old teething, and expecting more attention, sick husband home because of food poisoning, and messy house to clean, it took me about 1 week 1/2, but all together it came to about 7 hours. Check it out!
Ok, I'm still not done, I still need to get a great frame. Once I frame it up, than I will post the end result! Hope this inspired you to be creative, and don't let the dollar signs stop you from being able decorate the way you dream of at night!

Ok I finally framed it after all this time. What do you think? It's way smaller than the actual size, but I really like the way it turned out.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby Shower Ideas

So these ideas are from my actual baby shower, given by my lovely Mom. We both came up with so many cute ideas, here are some pictures of our creativity. Feel free to copy and paste any idea you like. I love, love love, creative and home made stuff. I am so crafty, I enjoy seeing others work, so feel free to share your ideas too.
Seeing that baby would be born in May, we thought it be perfect to have a springtime theme
"Our Nest"
"He's About to Hatch"
Personalized "Thank you" Favors in Spanish "Gracias"
"Construyendo Nuestro Nido"/"Building Our Nest"
Center Pieces
"Preparing Nolan's Nest"

Baby's Nursery

So, between March and July we were living at my parents, in a very small but long bedroom with it's own private entrance. We really wanted a super cute and fuctional nursery, and since we were on a tight budget we really had to be creative. We used half of the room for us, and the other half for the nursery. It was actually really cute, here's what we came up with. The color of the room was tan and very dull and dark, so we painted a sea blue, this brought light into the room, and the blue also gave it a soft boyish touch. I wish I had taken pictures of before and after of the room, and our side of the bedroom. Oh well, ..check it out.
We had a banner with Baby's first Ultra sound pictures
I got this cute and super functional little dresser at IKEA. Not only does it work as a changing table and dresser, but when he is no longer a baby, we will use it for storage in his toddler years. The blue baskets I got for just $1 each, they're skinny and long, perfect for storing diapers, and all the necessary things for a changing station. As you notice, the backdrop is a pair of curtain panels, this is what divided our space between our bedroom and the nursery. Behind the panels is actually a really big closet, super fuctional!
We used two wicker chairs, because since we were all three in the one bedroom, we could both sit and relax. The side table is also from IKEA, very functional and neutral off white that matches the changing station.
The lamp was very masculine and vintage looking, which I love, it is made of copper with hints of green. I painted the letters to match the color palette.
This beautiful cradle was hand made by baby's grandfather in Arkansas, and shipped to us just in time for our arrival! Isn't he super gifted with wood? Thank you Possum!
Loved the entrance because we had this rack to hang, jackets, purses, or whatever as soon as we entered the room, plus it was the perfect fit to put the stroller, ready to go jogging!
Some of my favorite outfits
If there is something I would have done different, I would have put more artwork on the walls, and maybe use a darker color to make some of the other colors stand out more. Other than that, it is a very functional space, and we really enjoy it.