Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY: Armoire Desk Makeover

Hey friends, sorry I have been gone too long. I have been super busy working on many exciting and new projects. This last weekend I worked on a very fun and exciting project I have been waiting to brag about.

We were in desperate need of a new and more functional space for our office. Our little 13 month old kept on climbing on top of our desk, so not safe! Unfortunately, I was so busy working on my project, that I completely forgot to take a before picture of my office space, man! I am so bummed about it, oh well. 

We got this great armoir desk from KSL, (similar to craigs litst) for $40 bucks! she told us it was solid wood, unfortunately, when we were there we noticed it really wasn't solid, but we had already made the 1 hour drive, plus it was very cute, so we got it anyway.

I love all the compacted storage, exactly what we needed.

So we went to the hardware store, got some supplies. Check out the amazing transformation.

The paint is Georgian Silver, by Olympic.  I absolutely love the name, it's very Georgian indeed!

Sadly it started to rain the next day, right before I wanted to finish everything. I had to quickly cover it with whatever I could find, until my hubs got home to put it up. I was so nervous about everything, and I ended up sanding some parts all over again, and re-painting.

So the sun came out, and...





I so badly wanted to replace the knobs for new ones, unfortunately I never found ones that right size, so I spray painted the original ones.

Hardware Time

Finished Product

I love how before you couldn't appreciate the beautiful detail of the frame, now you can!

I actually think they look great! Much better in silver!

Love how you can appreciate the details more.

More details on the inside result, coming soon!


  1. Great makeover, love those handles!

    1. Thank you Jazzi, the knobs actually look great in silver. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great job on your armoire! I wanted to let you know I am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Congratulations!

    Please click this link to find out more:, http://meaningfulnest.blogspot.com/

    Nicky :)

    1. Thanks so so much Nicky! I really appreciate it, I will totally be posting up a Versatile Nomination soon, and will link to your blog.
      Xoxo Claudia