Thursday, May 31, 2012

Surge Protector Labels!

Don't you just hate digging in the back of all of your electronics looking to unplug the correct thing for whatever reason you have to? I do, I hate playing the guessing game, or following the cord one by one to see which one belongs to the TV.

I saw this really cool idea on pintrest on how to keep your surge protector, not only organized, but also helpful. And your bread can help you do that!


Easy as 1..2..3

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bathroom Organization: Part 2

Shoe Organizers, who doesn't like shoe organizers? I love them, but not for what you are thinking.

So we have a tiny bathroom, and the only thing we have for storage is a medicine cabinet and under the sink. So to make the most of my space I purchased a very inexpensive shoe organizer from Wally World for only $5 dollars! Yes, a shoe organizer, just because it was made for a certain purpose, it doesn't mean you have to use it for that purpose.

The Bottom 8 compartments are filled with all of my baby's bath time things, from shampoo, baby wash, to rubber toys, and wash cloths.

The mid section is filled with extra shampoo and conditioner, and other creams used for various things, as well as extra cutips and hair spray.  

The top portion is filled with extra tooth paste, and hand wash, as well as other lotions used on a regular basis.

This method of organization and storage works wonders for me. It's easy access, and it is not in the way. With a tiny bathroom for a renter like me, this is the perfect solution for storage needs. I love how neat and organized it looks.

Do you use shoe organizers for other things too? If so, please do share.

Monday, May 28, 2012

DIY: Faux Nail Head Trimmed Cork Board

Who loves to pretty things up? I do, I do!

So I have been meaning to do this for a while now, but I have been waiting long and hard for the perfect fabric to arrive! It's finally here!!!!

Here is a tutorial on how to make your own Faux Nail Head Trimmed Cork Board

You will want to choose any fabric of your choice, I completely love chevron!

I left about 2in. of extra fabric to have enough space to fold over.

Ironing your fabric is such a great idea, because you don't want to see the lines all over your board when done.

Spray some adhesive unto your board.

Next, comes the tiring part. You might want to take a couple of breaks while doing this, because believe me, my thumbs were hurting.

I pushed 4 nails first, on each corner.This way you are sure the fabric will not move.

I used my pinky to space the thumb nails apart.


Because I used a 22x18 in. cork board, I only needed 1/2 of a yard, at $8/yrd. plus a $6.50 for the board and $2 for the thumb tacks, this project came at about $13 dollars.
What do you think? Super easy no?
What other fun projects have you done? Please do share.

Thank you for visiting.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Iheart Organizing Feature ~ A Yummy Closet~

Hey friends, so as I have mentioned before, I have been working very hard on my baby boy's bedroom, it has been so much fun, and I am excited to reveal his little but cute closet. This is so far my favorite organization project that I have done, it turned out so much better than I expected.  So good that Nolan's Closet was featured on

Here it is!
All of the gymboree bags on the top shelf were clothes he had already outgrown. Too crowded, and sloppy, I know.

There were also, a lot of extra things that were just everywhere, with empty spaces on the shelf, meaning the shelves weren't being utilized wisely. Right below the second shelf is a small concrete shelf, there were just things piled up, and I knew it could have been used better.

The bottom part of this closet was even worse! Every thing piled on a big storage bin, looking very ugly, and disorganized.

So not a pretty sight!

After much research and patience, this is what I came up.
Oh so delicious!

We already had a 4 compartment expedit at home, and we decided it was a perfect fit! Yes, it fits perfectly in the closet, meaning this closet is very tiny.

After watching the 2012 HGTV Green Home Tour and seeing these babies, I fell in love and had to have them. I did splurge on them I must admit, but they are perfect for Nolan's closet, don't you think. You can get them at the container store.

Now I can store toys, and hide away blankets, and accessories. I love these baskets!

I am using the greatest hangers ever made! The no-slip velvet hangers for kids, I am telling you they are a great investment. Plus they look clean and uniformed, and as you can see, I need more!

Remember what the shelves used to look like? Well, they were a mess, now everything is tidy and neat.

The cute little red containers I purchased at the $1 store! Perfect for storing diapers, wipes, toiletries, and other things. I love it!!

I got the top containers at IKEA at $3 a pop! And I labeled them, perfect for all of the clothes he has outgrown.

The tiny concrete shelf is now being utilized as a shoe display, don't you just love it? I do!

Before and After is a Must!

What do you think?
Have you done any cool Transformations lately? If so, e-mail me or post a link, I would love to get my eyes on it!


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