Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DIY: Hotel Key Holder

****Happy New Year****

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe holiday, I did, and it was a super busy one too. Seriously, since day one of 2014 I have been working like crazy, due to the crazy storm Hercules in the east coast. Phew, glad that's over with.
So today I wanted to show you how I decided to start my new year, organization/DIY. I have so many keys laying around the house, car keys, house keys, parents house keys, shed, storage, you name it! Who doesn't have a million keys raise your hand! Well, I have been meaning to do this since last summer, but I never go around to it, but I decided this year was the year to do it! I have been greatly inspired by this beautiful vintage look, hotel key holder.


(I apologize in advance for the picture sizes, for some reason on iphones the pictures are extra large)
I just had to have! Found one in Anthropologie for about $60. Umm, no way! Did some research and was able to do it for less than $30. I already had paint, and super super glue.  All I needed was:
A piece of Wood
Screw on hooks
book plates 
spray paint
 and a lot of patience!

Found this expensive but perfect piece of wood at the craft store.


I love that it already had some character and nice trim


So I started by using some bookplates, also bought in the Craft Store, they didn't have a package with the same size, so I had to buy three different boxes, with variety of sizes, so that I would have enough to have all be the same size.

Did some measuring, just to find the perfect spot to Glue them.

Painted, used some left over paint from my Armoire, featured on Woman's Day Magazine

If you take a look, I inserted the brads and bent them in a way that they would not show when I glued the book plates on the wood. I had to do this in order to give it a super clean and well put together look. Not only for the look, but because there is no way I could install the brads through the wood. So that's why Glue became my best friend in this project.

Used some metallic spray paint, the copper/gold like color was the perfect contrast with this Georgian Silver paint. So beautiful! I sprayed the bookplates with brads already inserted, as well as the hooks. For a uniformed look.

Got a hook to install on the back of the wood, to hang.

Than on to the tricky and time consuming part, use the E-6000, this glue is crazy powerful! Seriously works on anything! Be careful with the fumes, super strong. So I started by gluing one book plate by one.

Like so...

Than I screwed on the hooks right underneath the middle of each bookplate.

Love love love...

Probably one of my favorite projects yet!

Lets hang this baby!

Don't you just love that pop of gold contrasting on the gray?

And now for the almost final touch, labels!

And for the finale! The keys!

Not too shabby!

Well, what do you think? Do you like? Was it easy? What colors/techniques would you have used? Write me an email or send me a shout out, I want to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by. Love ya!



  1. Claudia, I love this key ring idea so fun and I really need one too, I just might do this soon, thanks!

    1. Suzanne, I apologize for the very very late reply! I never saw that you posted on this. Thanks so much!! I am so glad you liked it, it truly is one of my favorite projects. When you are done with yours please share. :)