Friday, March 30, 2012

DIY: New lampshade for $1.00

I have these two lamps I bought a couple years ago, but like many things in life, you love it, you get it, than you hate it, and you chuck it! Unfortunately I cannot afford new lamps at the moment, therefore here's a quick solution if you are in dying need of change.

Materials needed:
-Ribbon (look in the $1 section at the craft store)
-Hot Glue Gun
-Your old lampshade

 Before                                                                             After

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My High Low ProjectS

I have been inspired by Jenny Keenan's living room and the color scheme so deeply, I decided to pull a High Low Project like Sabrina Soto does on HGTV

So After looking for hours for the exact same coffee table, turns out these tables are called bricklayer wood and iron tables, and it could either be made out of drift wood, or reclaimed wood. So after seeing prices such as $999 to $1,800. I decided there was no way I would ever be able to afford it, or ever have one.

 So I gave up...until one day! I went to a local thrift store here in Salt Lake, and found this!!!!

You will never guess what the price tag on this beauty was.


Of course I had to have it!

High $1,200.00      Low $175.00


I feel sooo happy everytime I see it in my living room, this piece of furniture literally brings joy into my soul. And most of all, on my pocketbook! 


How about this gorgeous Chinese Garden Stool

from Wisteria $129.00

Love it, but hate the price tag. But check this out!

Exact same color and dimensions
Ross $30.00

High $129.00    Low $30.00

I am currently working on decorating my 10 month old's room. It brings me such pleasure being able to decorate his little room, my hope is to be done by his 1st. Birthday coming up in May. So far I am taking out my obsession for Orange, Gray and Blue colors, along with my contemporary style craving for design on his room. Here's my big statement piece High and Low for Nolan's room.

From Birtdie Table Lamp & Foscarini

I loved this piece when I first saw it, I knew it would be the perfect punch of color and statement piece for Nolan's room. The price about gave me a heart attack!

Until I found this, and it looks so much better in a kid's room.

$34.94 on Sale!!!!
High $680.00        Low $34.95
It looks perfect in Nolan's Room. I'll show you his room's progresss in another time.

British Flag Throw Pillow
I have always wanted one of these!

By Alice Lane Home

$98.00  Ouch!
Look what I found!
By Buy in Coins

$5.48 Shipping included!!!

High: $98.00    Low: $5.48

Currently I am still working on many projects for my new little nest, so much to do, so little budget! But that is no problem for me, because I can do anything, just give me a budget and I can work with that. That is why the High Low project is such a beautiful inspirational show for me, I am so glad Sabrina and I are on the same page. So I will keep working on my High Low project, and will show you the progress.

1st. Birthday Inspiration

So Baby Nolan's 1st. birthday is coming up, and I am anxious to throw a party for this gorgeous baby! I wasn't sure what and how I was going to do this, since this is going to be not only Nolan's 1st. Birthday party, but my 1st. kid party ever to throw also. After thinking about the theme, colors, and such ,I came accross these cuties, and therefore became my inspiration.

I just thought I'd share my inspirational pieces.
Wait till you see what I use them for.

More from Nolan's Big One Birthday Party coming soon!

People have been asking me about the "Theme" there will be no theme, it will just be a fun, whimsical birthday party.

I also gave myself a challenge, everything that will be used for the party, from favors, decorations, invitations, etc. will be under $1. I will not spend more than $1 for anything, I am super excited to show you how it turns out. Here's another sneak peek.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So gray is the new black...well, for me anyway. I am in love with the color gray, in fact, I think I married gray, because ever since I met my husband, all I want is gray. Gray tops for our engagment pictures, gray shoes, gray skys, you name it! His favorite color is gray, and it rubbed off on me. Yay! 

I can honestly say that I never loved the TOMS style of shoes, but ever since I saw Jenny Kennan's post of her wedges on her blog, I fell in love with the Gray ones. So I went out the next day and bought me some gray TOMS wedges!

And some for Aaron too, why not?

Plus everytime you purchase a pair of TOMS, another kid in another country gets a pair. It's such a cool way to help out.

I am also in love with this Surya Frontier  rug!

Unfortunately it's $300
No problem! This is actually one of my projects right now, soon I will show you a tutorial on how to make this rug for less than $60. I can't wait!

By Etsy

Who can resist thiese gorgeous throw pillows in gray chevron pattern?

Gray is HOT right now, and I love it!!

Inspiring Designer

So right now I am obsessed with a certain Interior Designer from South Carolina, Jenny Keenan. I absolutely love, love, love her fun and colorful style. Ever since her home was featured in the Better Homes and Gardens, April 2010 issue, I have been in love with her work, and her home of course! Check out her living room, it's got the perfect amount of color.  Isn't it just lovely?

Check out more of her spaces, so hip!

I'm loving that swedish clock in the background

I love this office space! Her dress is lovely too.

Isn't this the perfect master bedroom? so simple and colorful, yet relaxing? So down to earth.

Seriously, Jenny Keenan's living room is my dream living room right now, it's everything my little family and I need right now.