Friday, September 28, 2012

September Recap

Can you believe September is all ready gone? I can't, with kids time flies! But it has been a good month, kind of slow, but pretty good month. Check out this month's recap if you missed any projects.

Check out my Amoire Desk Reveal, so fun, so easy, so good!

{Armoire Desk Reveal}

Gotta Love getting what you want for much less!

Upsycle Boxes
The Box Rises


Love Washi Tape? You will love making labels with it. 

Gave my IKEA nightstands a makeover. Check it out!
DIY: Night Stand Makeover

September was oh so fun! I cannot wait for October, and its' many falling projects.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hey there! Ok, so lately I have been seeing Sunburst Mirrors coming back. And I'm not going to lie, I didn't like them very much. In fact, they take me back to the very sepia 70's, weird creepy organ sounds, bell bottoms and platforms. Ugh...I am sorry if some of you like that haha but not exactly my style.


Back to the mirror, well they have grown on me very much. In fact, I want one. and I am thinking about DIYing my own. I really have been wanting one, and I am having a hard time deciding exactly how to go about it. I have seen many DIYers out there with great turn outs.

Paint Mixers from the hardware store

Plastic Spoons



Drift Wood

Candy Canes

So basically, I decided I want something more organic, rustic, but very hip and preppy. I am leaning more towards twigs, but seeing as though I live in a place where there are more pine cones than perfectly cut twigs, I might have to extend my imagination. This is what is in my mind!

But I also really like this beautiful Mirror by Sarah M. Dorsey. I just don't think I could glue those glasses around it without cracking them.
Well, I will think about it a little bit more. I'm super excited about this!
Thanks for stopping by today and keep coming back, I love to see you coming back.

Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY: NightStand Makeover

It's Monday!!! Yay! You don't really hear that much do you? I don't either, but it is a happy day. Monday's aren't usually the day anyone looks forward to, unless you are a blogger who is anxious and cannot wait to share a super cool post!

I have been working on my nightstands this weekend, it wasn't anything hard or a huge deal. But I love love this project. Probably one of my favorites because everything turned out superb!!!
These are my cute little IKEA nightstands I've had since I was a bachelorette! So about three years!

So first of, I sanded them down really good!

Than I primed with love!

Check out the inside of the drawers!

And this is the turnout!

I love this color! It's the left over paint from my Armoire Desk!< Georgian Silver by Olympic Paint>

I got new knobs! And I love them!!

Also lined the inside of the drawers with some trellis pattern self adhesive paper, that I used on my TrayLicious Project!

(sorry about the bad phone picture)

Yay!! What cool projects have you been working on lately? Please do share!
Thanks for stopping by today! TaTa for now

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Washi Tape Labels

I cannot even begin to tell you how amazed and in love I am! I have frankly never touched, seen, smelt, or even heard of Washi Tape until a couple of months ago! I honestly never thought about even getting my hands on some, for what? I asked myself several times! Until one my favorite blogs on the net Iheart Organizing  showed me and introduced me to our long and lasting relationship between Washi Tape and Me!

Who would have thought tape could be so versitile and fun? And useful if I may say. Check this super cute labels out. I was inspired by this post so much, I had to copy and paste!
You remember my Armoire Desk?
And the filing system drawer?

Frankly, it was organized, but it didn't look pretty!
That's where Washi comes in!
I got 4 for $4 at Target! Love it!

Cut to fit on a simple label!

So cute! much better!
Gotta love Washi Tape!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Empty Spaces Filled!

Happy Monday Ya'll. I am so sorry for not keeping up this last week, I needed a small break. It has been so hectic around here, I needed some break from blogging, and house work, oops. I got a lot of catching up to do!
Ok, so remember my armoire desk reveal a couple weeks ago?

 I did tell you there were some small details that needed some work still?
Remember this space, that wasn't finished yet?

Well, I finally found the perfect solutions! Of course went to the $1 store, and $1 section at Target.
Found these super thin and perfect color baking trays!
  And these super cute organizers from $1 section at Target!

Complete! I feel much better!
Thanks for stopping by today, and don't forget to keep coming back, I have much more and exciting things going on!

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Box Rises!

Happy Monday All! Hope everyone had a great weekend, we finally got the courae to go watch The Dark Night Rises. It was amazing!!!! Loved it!

I also worked on a super quick project, nothing too special, but I just love the way it turned out!
Not too long ago, I was given these super cool boxes made out of cardboard. I like to re-use some stuff that is in great condition, cute, and super functional.
I got these cool MATEO boxes. They function like drawers.

Used some cheap tools to make them cuter and cooler!
Totally gave them a lift up and made them look a little more expensive!

I used them in my closet!
Doesn't it make you want to go recycle to save some bucks? And not to mention, be a little more eco friendly.

Closet Reveal Coming Soon!
Thanks for stopping by today!