Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY: Cool Map

So my friend Sam called me one day and told me about this really cool DIY art project she was working on as a gift to give to her husband for their 1st. year anniversary. Since the first year is the year of paper for wedding years, she decided to make this super cool Map!

I loved her idea so much I decided I would do the same thing.
Here is a quick tutorial on how you can also have a cool map.

-Map ( you can google any map you want than print it out)
-paper cutter
-A lot of patience (this project all together took me about 3 hours, of course I did it all in about 1 week because it's very time consuming and also it takes a lot of patience, so I did it in little bit time frames. )

Sam made a map of Pittsburgh, as you can see, hers was super more intricate than mine.
She did a great job!

Here is mine!

I decided I am going to make a different one everytime we move to a different city. I have to make one more, because so far we've lived in two cities. I love the way it turned out, it looks so cool!

Friday, April 27, 2012

2 Loves of my life!

Quick Post!

If you thought I was talking about my hubby and my beautiful baby boy! Well you were wrong, I do love them very very much, and they are at the top of my list. But after them, comes!

My two current obsessions!


Gorgeous Powder Room!

I want me some Soludos!

These gorgeous peep toes gives me a 1940's vibe! Yummy!



 Hmm...Absolutely Delicious!

What more can I say?


 I'm a sucker for striped tops!

I want this!

Stripes? I think yes!

My Love...

I dreamt about you, me yummy rug!


So many colors to choose from!

I MUST have this!


Oh, I could die! I love, love, love these two patterns! Somebody stop me! I will turn my house into a spring candy cane!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DVD Organization

My 11 month old loves getting into those DVD baskets, every single day! So it's cleaning up after him all day long, and he adores them, he likes to slide them everywhere around the house, and dancing on them. He is so cute, but I'm afraid they're going to end up in garbage one of these days.

So we came up with a great solution, I mean, perfect solution for this messy problem.
Bought a CD Carrier, and let me just tell you, it saves us so much space.

I even got to organize them in alphabetical order.

Now, instead of using two baskets for dvd's we only use one!

We use the extra basket for toys, and it works wonderfully!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Inspirational Weekend

I had such an inspirational weekend, I visited with my good friend Rosie to craft a little. She showed me some of her projects she has been working on, oh my gosh!!! She is the queen of DIY, most of the cute decor she has in her home she makes herself. Let me just tell you, she is super creative and crafty! Let me show you two of her most amazing master pieces yet!

Isn't this neat? All she used was cabinet liner from the DOLLAR STORE! yes ma'am, this cute adhesive paper is from the $1.00 store. She is super creative. She also used shelf brackets from IKEA,and  the cute lantern is also from IKEA, and she painted two frames she found at goodwill. So she has two of these in her living room area.
Such a great idea!
And look what she did to add character to this armoir! Isn't it chic? I love the colors together, she is so creative! How inspirational.

I have such creative friends, I was so happy that she let me share her ideas with you. How is this for a budget friendly HUGE makeover? In just a matter of minutes and a few bucks you can transform your home in no time. I love it!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Organization Wishlist

So I have been spending a lot of time brainstorming, and dreaming about how I would like certain spaces in my home, become more deliciously organized. Currently I'm working on two of my closets, and craft/laundry room area organization. I will definitely post pictures when the process is done, and believe me, it can get addicting, it is a long process, and it can also get a bit pricey, depending on what you are looking for. Here are some ideas from where I got inspiration. I love, love, how neat and organized these spaces look and feel. This is my wishlist.

My Ultimate Dream Closet/Dressing Room

For the Kiddo

Pantry Dreamy!

Mudroom...wish I had one!

These are some of the ideas I have in mind. I wish I had more space so that I could create more, but for now, I have a lot on my plate to work on. I will continue posting progress, I just wanted to open up my brain and show you what's inside. Thanks for visiting today.