Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Wedding

For my wedding, I wanted it to be special, beautiful, elegant, chic, classy, and simple. That is why I decorated myself, I did it!

Being on a TIGHT budget, it was very important for me to design a gorgeous centerpiece that was timeless, classic, and very elegant. I adore white vases, I am in love with white vases. I found these beautiful white pots at IKEA $3.99 a piece X 12 tables. No problem. With beautiful, natural, flowers. That's it, cheap, chic, classy, timeless, and very simple. I loved it. My mom decorated 12 different sparkling ciders with hearts and olive green ribbon around it, for guests to drink when it was time to toast!
We also had old fashion milk jugs filled with water, raspberries, strawberries, and lime for guests to enjoy a self serve as they pleased.
I originally wanted to display a picture of my hubby and I in a beautiful frame on each table, but I decided it was too crowded. So I designed a small vignet in the center right of the floor. I bought gorgeous apothecary jars, and crystal candle holders. Green fruit filling for the jars, and gorgeous rose balls. I also purchased many gorgeous, unique, frames with character.
Ok, so most people rent out the linens, but I decided to buy them! Black and White were my base colors, accented with Olive green, and very dark purple, only on my bouquet!
As you can tell, there is a very beautiful, sheer and elegant white backdrop, and canopy. I did not make or set that up, haha. But I did however rent it, the lights that go accross the room add a very elegant, romantic, and simple luxury to floor! Loved it, and not too pricey, because my budget was very tight. A great way to add luxury to a church gym.
Bride & Groom Table
I wanted this table to be the focal point of the reception center. Therefore it was placed in the center facing all of the other tables, to get a good view of our guests, and they could also admire the bride & groom. Just a simple white table cloth, long table, with the bride & grooms parents.
The Main centerpieces
Our tables centerpieces were phenomenal, because they were inexpensive, small, but super elegant. Square glass vases, with a gorgeous green arrangment, to give it a natural and fresh feel, provided by both mothers. With of course, 2 bottles of sparkling cider for the bride & groom.
And this is how I transformed dimes, into $$. Simple but very elegant, don't be afraid to try and create your own display ideas, remember that this is your DAY your WAY, and your money too!
Mr. & Mrs. Hanson 2009

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