Thursday, March 22, 2012

1st. Birthday Inspiration

So Baby Nolan's 1st. birthday is coming up, and I am anxious to throw a party for this gorgeous baby! I wasn't sure what and how I was going to do this, since this is going to be not only Nolan's 1st. Birthday party, but my 1st. kid party ever to throw also. After thinking about the theme, colors, and such ,I came accross these cuties, and therefore became my inspiration.

I just thought I'd share my inspirational pieces.
Wait till you see what I use them for.

More from Nolan's Big One Birthday Party coming soon!

People have been asking me about the "Theme" there will be no theme, it will just be a fun, whimsical birthday party.

I also gave myself a challenge, everything that will be used for the party, from favors, decorations, invitations, etc. will be under $1. I will not spend more than $1 for anything, I am super excited to show you how it turns out. Here's another sneak peek.

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