Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cirque Du Nolan (2nd BirthdayParty)

My dear friends, forgive me for completely neglecting my blog, I feel so bad. I know I failed to post anything last month, shame on me. Well, today I want to completely show off my little man's Circus Theme Birthday party we had for him. I am so excited, but feel so sad, that although we had tons of little guest invited, not many showed up, but that's alright, that's why they say, invite as many because last minute, only few show up. it's alright, we had a blast, but most importantly Nolan had so much fun in his Circus!


I fell in love with these little note cards I purchased last year, 6/$1.50 now that's a bargain. I love how vintage and unique they look. Beautiful paper quality and designs. The notecards were blank, so I purchased a cute stamp for the information, date, where, time, rsvp and such. I adore these cute invites, especially the one of the acrobats!


Cute little Entrance to the Circus


I love how colorful and simple the favor table turned out!


The popcorn plastic boxes were 2/$1 Target is my best friend, purchased them last year also. And check out the cute little water bottles for the kids, love love the ticket wrap.


These yummy cupcakes were made by a dear friend, so Delicious may I add!



How could you forget Watermelon on a stick on a perfect summer's day at the Circus!


Yummy Nachos with your choice of Chilli or just Cheese



You can't have a circus without the... PopCorn...



And of course, a Circus isn't a Circus without a Clown! The kids loved it, Nolan couldn't stop laughing, it was hilarious!

Well, there you have it folks. Another Successful Birthday party, on a dime! Remember, you do not need to spend a ton, to have a very cute and expensive looking party. Spend early, always on a tight budget, and shop around EVERYWHERE! And of course, use your imagination, be creative and have a blast!
Thanks for visiting my lovely friends.


  1. I lovelovelove those notecards! where did u find them? that party looked like so much fun! to be a kid again...

    1. Thank you Wanda! I got them at Michaels about a year ago. 6 for $1.50 gotta love the dollar section. :) thanks for visiting.