Thursday, April 24, 2014

Some Updates in La Casa

While I stopped blogging over the past few months, we managed to update some of the furniture we were dying to update. It wasn't quick or a cheap update.
Keep in mind, when you are looking to update a room, only invest in the big stuff, sofas, beds, tables. Quick updates that can give a room a dramatic change of look is all cosmetic, that's where the styling comes in with throws, pillows, art, lamps, d├ęcor etc.
Keep the big ticket items Neutral, for us Gray is our new neutral.
Remember our old couch? Hence our first couch ever! We got it at this cool outlet in Texarkana 2010.  T'was lovely, and comfy, but we wanted something more neutral and a little more modern.  
We also wanted a couch with a chaise...took us 1 year to finally find the perfect piece that fit our budget.
We absolutely love this piece! We got it at the furniture store where Aaron used to work (got it with his discount, days before his last day.)
The living room isn't decorated right now, keeping it clean trying to decide how I am going to tackle this baby.
Also here is our old dining table and chairs.
 So far, we got new chairs. I am cooking up a project on how to re do the table, I love the size and the shape. This is one is a keeper.
I am still working on the dining room, I am currently, or have been looking for art for years now, I am so picky, so picky that I still haven't bought anything for my walls, that's why they're all naked.
I love these chairs though, I originally planned on white seat covers ( IKEA) , but decided the gray was more kid friendly, plus it transitions well from the living room unto the dining room. The black chairs ( IKEA) I fell in love with before I chose the chairs with covers, they are so unique! I love the Euro vibe it gives the room. Eclectic? I think yes!

This is what the dining room will eventually wear!

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