Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Linen Closet Love + Show me your Closets!

Well Hello There, it's Wednesday, thanks for coming back today. As I mentioned on my last post, plus the sneak peek at New Beginnings, this year I will be focusing on organizing, plus other fun stuff. Over the past week, I had the opportunity to work on my tiny linen closet, which I am super excited to finally show you, and I can finally breath. Remember we moved last month, in December, it was a hard move, us being all sick, with the cold weather, luckily it was only upstairs, as many of you know, I used to live in a basement of a house, than the upstairs neighbors moved and we got to move upstairs, we love it!! Unfortunately, I started training on my new job a week after we moved in, therefore, I had no time to clean, organize, and decorate, luckily my training is coming at an end, and this mean new beginnings, for more organizing and decorating. This is my favorite part of the New Year, all the holidays are over, and we get to go back to our daily routines, and clean, organize, make things looks pretty, this is my favorite part. 

Since I didn't get a chance to organize my house right after the move, I did however managed to work on my little linen closet, the which I am super stoked about, because in our basement we didn't have any extra closets, such as linen or coat closets. We have both now!! Yay!! Nothing makes me happier than storage space. So, without much further a do, here is my little linen closet. (I apologize about the bad quality pics)

 My Favorite Color (Aqua) Essentials
 Some from TJ Maxx, others from $1 store! Yipee!
There you have it! My Linen Closet Love! Show me your Linen Closets, I want more Eye Candy, there's nothing more inspirational than seeing lots of ideas and pictures of fun organization. Please post your pictures or links, I want to see. I also want to feature my reader's closets, don't hesitate to e-mail me.

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