Saturday, January 12, 2013

Organization on the Go! + Inside My Purse

Graduations are filled with so much happiness, and glory. This event was created to make people feel proud, grateful, and honored for their everlasting success and achievements. I graduated from jetBlue University yesterday, it feels so good. I am so happy to be "blue". With that being said, I think it's time to get back to our regular schedule, projects, and blogging. It has been so crazy, and busy for our family. I am so glad to finally be back spending more time with my family.

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Today, I would like to share inside my bag! It's just one of those posts that are short, but cute. In fact, I have seen many bloggers show off their bags, I enjoy taking a peek at my favoriter people's lives, it's so fun to see a little bit of how they live, and what they like. So, for those of you who want a little peek inside my personal life, haha here is my bag.

 B&BW Sanitizer is a must, I use it everywhere I go.
My super cute pen from poppin.
Clear plumper for everyday use.
My cool wallet (a gift from the bestie)
My car keys, of course!
And cannot forget the phono!
Wonder what that little blue divider is doing in my purse?
Let me show you a quick and easy system I use to organize my purse on the go.
I got this super cute divider at the $1 section at Target.
 It's the perfect travel size!
 I used to always go crazy looking for receipts, not knowing where I placed them, what if I threw them away? My purse became a portable trash bag, having to clean it out once a month, and sometimes never, and the mess caused so much stress. To avoid the wasted time, and energy, I came up with my portable time saver on the go.
The way I organize all of my receipts is, I like to classify all of my receipts by how I am going to use them. For example, I have a compartment for all of my returns, so I don't have to go crazy looking around the house for those receipts I need to return things. Then purchases, this way I can do the math after shopping, to see how much money I have spent. And reimbursements, sometimes I am able to buy things for people, landlords, friends, or work related, and I can seperate those receipts so I can use them for reimbursements.
Well now you know a little bit about My Life on the Go!
Thanks for stopping by today. Have a super Awesome Weekend!

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