Monday, March 4, 2013

Lamp Makeover for less than $30

Ok, last week was very hectic, we are planning our big family vacation for the year, and between passports, and airfare, scheduling and work, it has been crazy around here. i am sorry i neglected you last week. But i'm back, this week, i am happy to finally be able to post this project, i am very happy with the way it turned out, although it took me quite a while to finally finish this up, edit, and post, i fianlly did it.

i found this super amazing, and super heavy gorgeous lamp at the DI (good will) and i just had to have it. So i bought it, $8 bucks baby!

Of course, i would have liked to have two of the same, but i thought, why not? i haven't come accross a good pair, and this one was super nice and super cheap! i must admit, i was tempted to leave it as it was, i am kinda digging the brass, but heck, i wanted to paint something!

Ok, so now for the fun makeover! I was inspired by many lamps out there, you know, the classic and suttle white on white? Well, i thought, why not? could it get boring? maybe, but that's the beauty of it being white, if i want to adjust the tempeture of the room, i can either re-paint it, or swap the shade. So i used my Three Amigos (which i already had)
The white Rust-Oleum for the whole lamp in general, i got a glass with protective enamel because i wanted this lamp nice and shiny. I also wanted to hardware to match the new hardware, so i used my left over silver spray paint for the hardware, and of course, before you add those awesome colors, you must always apply primer first!

 and of course sander and cloth (to remove the dust) again, i already had these handy as well

Next i taped the hardware and vintage cord
Next, you will need to sand your lamp so that the paint will truly hold

Wipe off the dust, after it's all wiped well, you are ready to spray paint with primer first! Let dry about 30 mins, depending on the weather, it was super cold when i did it, so i had to let dry about 1 1/2. After it's been primed well and all over, than you can spray paint with your desired color.
i apologize i did failed to take pics of all the steps on priming and painting with white, because it was sooo dang cold!
After I got done spray painting the lamp alone, i still needed to work on the hardware

So i used the same steps, sanded primed, and sprayed painted, and the transformation was splendid!

i love it!!! So now it's ready to go. i got this super cute shade at Target for $20

Well, what do ya think? Total cost for this makeover $29
Thanks for coming over today!


  1. I had no idea you could do that... when I buy a house someday I should just have you over to fix it up for me. ;)

    I have some ugly lamps I'd love to redo sometime. They have big bulky rectangular stands and red-striped lampshades. Can you paint a lampshade?

    1. Thanks Charlie!

      Why yes you can paint a shade. I actually spray painted a shade last summer.

      It depends on the material your shade is made out of though, if it's fabric than I wouldn't spray paint, but rather re-cover with a different pattern since yours already has stripes I would re-cover, if it's plastic painting might work. Let me know how it goes :)