Monday, February 25, 2013

A Desk to Remember Makeover

Well i have to show off my latest makeover. i had the sweet privilage to help such a sweet and caring woman, i had the opportunity to get to know her during training at my new work from home job. She is adorable, and funny! Well, Brenda decided she needed some help organizing her awesome desk area! So she hired me. She blames her husband for the outcome haha

Not too shabby, so i came over on a Monday and helped her out a little. She was able to get some awesome tools from one of my favorite stores ever! IKEA! check out the transformation.

What i really loved about her space, is that she had so much room for everything, we just needed to classify, divide, and clean up. We threw away a lot of the paper she didn't need, past due bills of six years, school homework, and many things that just weren't worth saving.
 This is one of my favorite organization solutions, folders, on racks! And what's really cool, is these command hooks for the keys, to get into locked drawers etc.

How about storing paper of all sorts and labeling little drawers to know exactly what you have!

And check these awesome drawers! Now this was an inspiration for me, remember back in the summer of 2012? i had taped my drawers all over so that my toddler wouldn't get into them? i can't believe i never thought about this. Her husband made these awesome safety locks, not only did he put a lock on the first drawers, but he used a piece of wood, and velcrow to keep them from being opened! Genious!!
And what about the inside?

And for all of the paperwork laying ontop of the shelves, no more problems! Just get magazine holders, and label. Perfect solution!
Lets look at the Transformation!
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