Monday, April 1, 2013

DIY: Personalize with BookPlates

Hi friends! Did you miss me? I am so sorry I was gone for so long, I have been soo busy lately, so busy that I haven't even had the opportunity to post about my most recent projects. Luckily today was a more relaxed day, and I get the post a cute little project I did over the weekend, well, it's part of a work in progress. You see, I have a coat closet now! it makes me super giddy, more storage space, and more fun opportunities to make it pretty.

I went to target and found these super cute basket bins on sale, I couldn't pass them up. So I got me three!

Also to personalize them a little I used some of my left over plates that I had purchased last fall.
Used some paint swatches for thick and better quality paper for labels
And Voila!

I just love how cute and simple they look. I'm not finished with my coat closet yet, more to come soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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