Thursday, September 20, 2012

Washi Tape Labels

I cannot even begin to tell you how amazed and in love I am! I have frankly never touched, seen, smelt, or even heard of Washi Tape until a couple of months ago! I honestly never thought about even getting my hands on some, for what? I asked myself several times! Until one my favorite blogs on the net Iheart Organizing  showed me and introduced me to our long and lasting relationship between Washi Tape and Me!

Who would have thought tape could be so versitile and fun? And useful if I may say. Check this super cute labels out. I was inspired by this post so much, I had to copy and paste!
You remember my Armoire Desk?
And the filing system drawer?

Frankly, it was organized, but it didn't look pretty!
That's where Washi comes in!
I got 4 for $4 at Target! Love it!

Cut to fit on a simple label!

So cute! much better!
Gotta love Washi Tape!!

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