Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY: NightStand Makeover

It's Monday!!! Yay! You don't really hear that much do you? I don't either, but it is a happy day. Monday's aren't usually the day anyone looks forward to, unless you are a blogger who is anxious and cannot wait to share a super cool post!

I have been working on my nightstands this weekend, it wasn't anything hard or a huge deal. But I love love this project. Probably one of my favorites because everything turned out superb!!!
These are my cute little IKEA nightstands I've had since I was a bachelorette! So about three years!

So first of, I sanded them down really good!

Than I primed with love!

Check out the inside of the drawers!

And this is the turnout!

I love this color! It's the left over paint from my Armoire Desk!< Georgian Silver by Olympic Paint>

I got new knobs! And I love them!!

Also lined the inside of the drawers with some trellis pattern self adhesive paper, that I used on my TrayLicious Project!

(sorry about the bad phone picture)

Yay!! What cool projects have you been working on lately? Please do share!
Thanks for stopping by today! TaTa for now

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