Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DIY: TrayLicious

As you may have already read my latest post about glaming up my makeup space, with this delicious and pretty tray, here is a quick tutorial on how YOU  too can make your own tray.

Supplies Needed:
-Old Cookie Tray (I got mine at goodwill for $2)
-Pretty Self-Adhesive paper (Home Goods, hmm I love Home Goods)
-Spray Paint
-Phelt fabric

First, take your Ugly and Old Cookie tray somewhere there is enough ventilation.

Than Spray Paint it. You don't have to spray paint it everywhere, the most important parts are the 4 sides on the inside, and the very top (lips) of the tray or edges. Those will be the only areas to show the paint.

Next you will need to measure the adhesive paper to fit inside the bottom of the tray.
(I got this adhesive paper at TJ Maxx, and I fell in love the first time I layed eyes on it! Ahh...I had to have it. )

  Than place your paper on the tray, like this. Watch out for bubbles!

Next you will need to measure again, so that the paper fits perfect on the sides, like this.

And last but definitely not least! Glue some felt fabric on the bottom so the tray doesn't scratch any surfaces.

And you are done!

What do you think?

Than use it wisely!

Hmm...my beauty station looks much better!

What amazing transformations have you done?

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  1. Love this idea! Featuring it over at The Latest Find as one of today's crafty finds! =) Thanks for sharing your project!

  2. What a clever idea and a great use for an old cookie tray! Thanks for sharing!

    xo Emily

    1. Thanks for stopping by Emily! I am so glad you liked it.