Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Bucket List

Happy Wednesday!


I decided to make a bucket list! I'm not dying and I'm not going through hard times. But I decided I'd really like to just make a bucket list. It's fall now, and it's one of those days when you look out the window, see the leave's change colors, the windy blowing and rustling. The mountains full of different colors, and the sun setting earlier. It's a beautiful sight to see. I think that's what inspired me to make a bucket list. I will most likely be adding more to it, but for right now, this is what I would like to share.

  • Travel to 4 different continents: Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia
  • Live in a European Country
  • Help and Inspire a community (well I helped two communities before, I don't know if I've inspired anyone yet)
  • Build a House
  • Invent something
  • To be featured in a Woman's Magazine
  • To ride a Train
  • To ride a Helicopter
  • To Sail a sea
  • To live in a Beach Town
  • To Speak 4 Languages (2 down, 2 more to go)
  • To ride a Horse
  • To Scuba Dive
  • To run a Marathon
  • To hike to a Mountain Peak
  • To Rock Climb
  • To swim with Dolphins
  • To become a Mother (it is the most wonderful thing in this world)
  • To meet an LDS general authority

Well this is only part of it. I know there is a lot more to add, but I know the older I get, the more my list will grow. We'll see what great things are in store for my little family and me.
What's in your bucket list?

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  1. Hi Claudia, I came across your blog and I really like your ideas of organization!! There's always ways to make a place neater, more spacious, and create a nicer environment!

    Took a read at your bucket list here.. Im sure it will continue to grow in future.. Wanted to share that I’ve just completed an iPhone app (adream) where people can share their dreams and goals in a fun way. It’s my little dream to help others achieve theirs in this small way.. Let me know if it helps you :)

    Best, Ray

    adream – (iPhone app)