Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY: Kitchen Drawer Dividers for the Kids

For a few weeks now, i have been trying to figure out, how to in a more managable and more efficient way to store my toddler's dishes and silverware. i am a super short person, so putting them in the cupboards, wasn't really doing it for me.

It won't even work out for Nolan, since i am trying to train him to be more tidy and organized. i know he's only a 21 month toddler, but it's always good to start healthy habbits at a young age. So i decided to make it functional for both, Nolan and i. We're both short, and he loves helping me around the kitchen, so i designated a special drawer, just for his own silverware and dishes.

i have been using this drawer for common things, but i wanted to make it more special.

First i looked around the house for boxes, perhaps you have seen around the blogsphere, or pintrest, many ideas on how to organize with cereal boxes. i decided to use some cereal boxes, among other types of boxes i found laying around my home.

i also used some tape, exacto knife, sharpie, and ruler to get exact measurements.

After they were all cut to the desired measurements, i used some super cute wrapping paper i picked up a few months ago.

After wrapping, and i will have to say, it was a bit time consuming, perhaps i should have followed some instructions from fellow bloggers who had already used the same technique to wrap boxes for dividers. You may click here for some instructions on how to wrap properly.

After a couple of hours of struggling, haha, i finally managed to wrap all my boxes, and fit them in my drawer, and let me tell you, they all fit exactly as i imagined and hoped in my head. A perfect fit!

i was so pleased by the way they turned out and looked, i didn't want to fill them. Hehe

But of course i filled them, and wow, i love it!! Now there's a place for everything!

i love to open this drawer now, and Nolan does too. Now when it's time to eat, all he needs to do is get his own dishes, all by his itty bitty self. How fun!


What fun and efficient ways are you training your kids to organize and be tidy?
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