Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Walk In Closet Frenze

This week, i had the kindest client ever, she hired me because she needed help organizing her closet. Not only was she kind, but she had a beautiful closet. So much storage space. She told me, you know what you're doing, do what you whatever you want, and i'm sure i will like it. haha, i love my clients, they totally trust me, and i completely appreciate it, it means the world to me, knowing that clients trust my taste, my talent, and my knowledge. After a consultation, i gave her some shopping ideas on what tools she could get for her closet, as well, as gave her two things to do before i came over. This is what i always tell my clients that hire me to organize their closets.

1. Go through all of your clothes, and make a donation pile, and..
2. Buy the necessary tools, bins, boxes, hangers, dividers, etc. ( i always provide my clients with ideas, inspiration, and links so they may shop online, or in stores, this is part of my consultation)

Sure enough, she was prepared, and so helpful. Here are some before pictures.


Amazing storage space, i was so jealous of her wonderful walk in closet!
So after much work and music, here is the end results.
All of her casuals go on side of the closet, sports wear, casual shirts, cute vests and workout sweaters. Boots, tennis shoes, flip flops, you name it.

The others side of the closet, was the dressier, and more sophisticated area of the space. All of her going out shoes, night gowns, suits, and more formal apparell belong in the display area. Loved her collection of heels.

She has more than 50 pairs of shoes, so we decided the best way to store all of those shoes, would be to divide them each in their own seperate dividers, to protect them, and keep them divided, so whenever she feels like wearing Navy Blue Heels, all she has to do is look at the label.

I love shoe organizers, because you don't have to use them for shoes, for example, this was great to display all of her cluthes, and her beautiful knitted scarves.

All of the pants go on the bottom racks, why? Because you need to organize your closet the way you dress, work your way down. Put your blouse on, than your pants, than your shoes. It's as easy as that.

Now you can see her grand collection of hand bags. It gives it such a boutique look, and it keeps them all looking neat, organized, and in great shape.

She said, you saved my life! Thank you so much. I even found things I had no idea I had!
She is so sweet!

Lets do a quick recap shall we?









i love it!
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  1. What are the white boxes on the shelves neat the shoes? Where do you purchase them? They look so nice and neat!

    (Don't have a Google acct so I'm posting as "Anonymous")

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. You can find those boxes at IKEA, very inexpensive and easy to clean. Here is a direct link to the product :)