Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, isn't this such a lovely holiday? Heart balloons everywhere, stuffed bears, heart shaped chocolate boxes, and flowers!! i adore flowers, my favorite thing to get every holiday it requires the hubs to buy me something. Just a simple bouquet of flowers will make my day.

This year i wanted to make something cute, and girly, for my little nieces and little sister.

 i saw these super cute mail boxes, and i just had to have them. Perfect for V-day. Just a little something to celebrate, and to give for Valentine's day.

Filled them with yummy chocolate and heart shaped confetti i made, with paint swatches and my heart shaped puncher.

i even personalized them with their own sticker monogram.
And a little heart on the front of each mail box.

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Happy Valentine's Day peeps


  1. Oh so cute!!! I want one too! Will have to try something like that for Easter surprises! Thanks so much for your clever ideas!

    1. Thank you Hanpool1 let me know how it went with your Easter giveaways