Wednesday, November 7, 2012

High Low Project: Pouf Love

It's that time again for an update on my High Low Project!

I have been forever been obsessed with poufs!!

Indian Leather Pouf

Square Pattern Fabric Pouf

Rattan Pouf

Coastal Rope Pouf

Felt and Stitched Pouf

Knitted Pouf

My favorite one is this last Knitted Pouf, so in love!! The cost is anywhere from between $89-$100

I found this baby at Target on sale for $45

So in love! It's comfy, it's cool, it looks beautiful, my husband likes to rest his foot on it, my toddler loves to play with it, I love to look at it, it is just gold! Hurry and go to Target to get your pouf for a great price!

High: $89-$100

Low: $45

Don't miss my post on Friday, I will be featuring my bathoom!


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