Friday, November 2, 2012

{Our Living Room: Fall Inspired}

I love Fall, and although it has taken me forever and ever to finally get pictures up on my Fall Decor in my living room. I am finally sharing my living room. It's all ready for fall, of course I still have things I am working on, slowly but surely, I will keep improving.

  • Don't forget, although you may be a renter, it does not mean you cannot put your personal touch in your living space. Don't be afraid to talk to your landlord, negotiate on what you can and cannot do, you will find most Landlords very open to listening to your needs, and their openess on your making little renovations such as painting, or changing some hardware. Landlords don't want to invest too much time and money on their rentals, so they love to hear that their tenants are willing to make those changes for them.

We haven't felt the need to make any big changes, we did talk to our Landlords, who we love very much. They are such lovely people. We weren't allowed to put curtains up, but we talked to them, and they let us install curtains. So that was really nice. Ok, enough talk, here are some pictures!
Our Living Rom

I absolutely LOVE my Spanish Glass jar! Probably my favorite accessory in the room

The pouff of my life!

The hubs Throne!
I LOVE this chair!

This chair I also Love!


Cream Curtains (IKEA) Aqua pillows (Dillards, old) Black and White Pillows (IKEA) Garden Stool (Ross, can you believe it??) African Woven Green Basket (Home Goods) Gray Pouf (Target) Graphic Rug (Home Goods) Tan Woven Rug (Home Goods) Banana Leaf Basket (Target) Sunburst Mirror (DIY) Gray Scandanavian Pillow (Home Goods) Gray Chair (IKEA) Black chair (IKEA)

Have a Wonderful Weekend Friends!


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