Friday, November 30, 2012

We moved! + Christmas Sneak Peak

Oh my gosh!!! Can you believe December is tomorrow?? I cannot even believe it! This year flew by super fast, especially when you are a blogger, it's crazy how constant blogging can make the year fly, and not to mention having a wild toddler on the run. I am panicking because I like my mother, usually have all of my Christmas decor by Thanksgiving, and this year was way crazy! Like I had mentioned earlier, we are moving. Well, we were scheduled to move in the middle of December, luckily everything worked out super nice for us, the Lord has really blessed us. So we got to move up last Tuesday. Well, most of our stuff anyway, here a few snapshots of the new place.
I apologize for the horrible quality phone pics. It was a quick move and had to move fast!

Our square footage is sooo much more comfortable, and our kitchen has tons of storage space that I am in love with!

We have a dining room now!!!

And the living room totally rocks! Except the paint, you may have noticed it too. We will have to paint it in the coming weeks. So much to do, so little time!

Just a little preview of our new rental. We couldn't be happier, it's exactly what we needed and our Heavenly Father has really blessed us with amazing landlords who we trust, and whom we love.
Now here is a little preview of what I have been working on the last day, I will be posting some of my Christmas projects next week, I am so excited now, because I will be able to decorate for Christmas, what a wonderful time of the year!

After the move I got so sick, along with my little toddler, we have been in bed with much needed rest, medicines, and lots and lots of tissue. Sad day! That has kept me from blogging this week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and be sure to stop by next week for the reveal of my Christmas projects! Yay!



  1. Good luck with the move and the redecorating! Moving can be a blessing, but sooo stressful! Much luck :)

    1. Thanks Charlie! Yeah it's way stressful and messy! Luckily we only moved upstairs yay!!