Friday, November 9, 2012

{Our Tiny Bathroom}

So as renters,life is complicated. Tight places, awkward weird spaces, ugly wall colors, and interiors, carpet, squeaky creepy noises, very low ceilings!  Ok, so it's not easy being a renter. But the way I see it, if you live in a beautiful space, that when you come home, and you love everything you see, from little accessories on your shelves, and beautiful textiles, to the big furniture pieces such as your sofa. It will make the rental life, so much more enjoyable, and worth while.

Today I am sharing our tiny little bathroom. We have no tub :( but that's alright, we have all the necessities for now. And as you can see, it is small and very narrow. Decorating is a challenge, but an enjoyable challenge.
Come In

Choosing white with hints of neutrals, such as gray, and a pop of color, such as pink, can add a cool, and relaxing atmosphere. After all, the bathroom is a place of releasing our stresses of the days. So why not make it a serene space. Remember less is more!

I love these hand towels!

Our laundry hampers fit right in, and our stool comes in handy for bath time and for brushing Nolan's teeth.
Our tiny sink
I love using glass apothecary containers for daily necessities, such as cutips and cotton, it makes them look pretty and elegant!
Gray Rugs (World Market) Stool (IKEA) White Bath Towels (Bed, Bath & Beyond) Gray Hand Towels (Target) Laundry Hampers (IKEA) Apothecary Glass Jars (Home Goods) Washcloths (Target) Pink flower Vase (IKEA)
Thanks for visiting our Tiny Bathroom
Have a Wonderful Weekend Friends!


  1. My husband and I rent, ugh :( , our bathroom is half the size of yours and has NEVER been up graded. I wish my bathroom was the size of yours. I love what you have done, looks clean and comfy :)

  2. Daree, thanks so much for visiting. Being a renter is tough, you can't really help the spaces you live in. Hearing your story makes me feel more grateful for my spaces. I hope on your next move you get luckier, as I hope I do too haha