Friday, April 13, 2012

10 Habits of Highly Orgnized People

I was reading through some old articles about organization, and I came accross this super interesting article I found in the O magazine. It's actually kind of true, I say kind of because I consider myself 80% one of these neat freaks. So here is the count down.

1. Walk Away from Bargains

It's true! Who can resist a good bargain? Just because you can buy a good sale, does not mean you HAVE to buy it. Do you actually NEED it? Or is it because it's so cheap you get it? Guilty as charged! Take for example this cute Silver Table Top set from PB. I absolutely adore it, and it's on sale for $5.99.

Do I need it? No!

2. Make peace with Imperfection!

Guilty again! Perhaps we neat freaks take neatness and cleanliness way too seriously, I do! Spending 1 hour organizing and decorating a shelf is probably a waste of time, and unwise, when really all we need to do is take a break, just because it's not PERFECT, does not mean it's the end of the world! "Trying to do every task perfectly is the easiest way to get bogged down," says Reinardy.

3. Never label anything Miscellanous

You put a bunch of things into a file or box and write this catchall across the front. "But within a week you've forgotten what's in there," says Morgenstern. Instead, sort items into specific groups—"electric bills," "lightbulbs," and so on.

Seriously, neat freak! If you can clearly see through the container, or the bag, or there is no door/lid, than why need to label? Honestly, I do this sometimes,..well all of the time. Guilty again! that's 3 strikes, yikes!

4.4. Schedule Regular Decluttering Sessions

Rather than wait until an industrious mood strikes (we all know where that leads), have a decluttering routine in place—whether it's spending 15 minutes sorting mail after work or tackling a new project every Sunday afternoon.

Yes, decluttering is bliss!

5.Stick with what Works!

There are people who will try the newest line of make up, or the latest in technology because it has 1 new app. or the newest collection of silverware. ??
Don't waste your time and money just because you HAVE to have the best there is out there!

6.  Create a Dump Zone

Find a space to corral all the stuff that you don't have time to put away the moment you step in the door, says Breininger. Once you're ready to get organized, you won't have to hunt all over the house for the dry cleaning or your child's field trip permission slip
Yes! I love this idea because it keeps things tidy during the day.

7. Get Help!

Don't be afraid to call a friend up and ask for help, and if you have the Moolah, a professional organizer. Hey, what do you know?

8.Seperate Emotions from Posessions

It's healthy to be attached to certain items—a vase you picked up in Paris, your grandmother's pearls. But holey concert tees or cheap, scuffed earrings your husband gave you years ago? Just let them go.

9.Foresee (and Avoid) Problems

You wouldn't leave the house on a gray day without an umbrella, right? People who appear to sail through life unruffled apply this thinking to every scenario, says Breininger. Have a cabinet packed with leaning towers of Tupperware? Organized folks will take a few minutes to short-circuit an avalanche before it happens. (In other words, rearranging that cupboard now is easier than chasing after wayward lids as they scatter underneath the fridge.)
10.Know where to Donate

It's easier to part with belongings if they're going to a good home. Identify a neighbor's son who fits into your child's outgrown clothes, or choose a favorite charity. "It will save you from searching for the perfect recipient every time you need to unload something," says Morgenstern.

There you have it! Very cool article, now you know.

If you would like to read this article click here.

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