Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hotel Bed Makeover!

Do you just love the way Hotel Rooms make their beds?

 They look absolutely comfortable, and so luxurious! If you have always wanted your bed to look like a Hotel Bed, here are some quick tips on how to give your bed a Hotel Makeover!

Of course we use our regular fitted sheet, and flat sheet.

A lot of hotel Beds are layered with 3 types of pillows.

The Euro Sham
 This is the biggest and square pillow on the bed.

Second is the regular rectangular pillow that most people already have on their beds.

Most luxurious hotels offer the down pillows, which are my personal favorite, they make for a relaxing night.
And third is my most favorite type of pillow of all.

The Decorative pillows.

I love a pop of color, so getting pillows with color and pattern make the best statement pieces on your bed, and it gives it a touch of glamour!
Get Creative when choosing decorative pillows, make it your own look, and don't be afraid to go bold. Every bedroom should have a touch of glamour.

Fourth is a very important element that a lot of people forget, because it's so hidden, but it's so important for a hotel bed look.

A soft blanket!

And five, my most favorite piece on my bed.
A Duvet! 

Hmm... so delicious! 

Having a duvet is, not only convenient, but so cozy and luxurious at the same time. Makesure you cover your duvet, with a duvet cover. They don't come together when you buy them, but they are so worth it.
Most duvets range in the $80-$300 prices. I know, so expensive right? That's because they are filled with natural bird feathers. Don't get discouraged, you can find many affordable duvets in many stores, some of them are feather filled and others are a synthetic alternative. I found mine at Home Goods for $20, and it's feather filled. So you just might get lucky, just get out there and start browsing.

This is usually what Hotel Beds provide visitors.

Now this looks delicious!

Here is the order it should go in.

1. Fitted Sheet
2. Flat Sheet
3. Soft Blanket (place it on top of the flat sheet, than fold the flat sheet over the blanket)

4. Place your Duvet on top of it all, than fold the duvet over the same way you did the flat sheet.

5. Place your Pillows, Euro Sham first, than regular down pillow, and last your decorative pillow, as many as you want!

Sometimes to accent the bed even more, you can get a decorative throw as well, and place at the foot of the bed.

If you want to make your bedroom a little more inviting, don't hesitate to add the details.
Breakfast in bed sound very Hotelish and inviting.

Now you have a complete Hotel Bed(room) look that is ready to be enjoyed, by none other than yourself!


  1. Cool! Thanks for the demo! Caroline

    1. No problem! I'm so glad you found this useful Caroline :)