Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY: Cool Map

So my friend Sam called me one day and told me about this really cool DIY art project she was working on as a gift to give to her husband for their 1st. year anniversary. Since the first year is the year of paper for wedding years, she decided to make this super cool Map!

I loved her idea so much I decided I would do the same thing.
Here is a quick tutorial on how you can also have a cool map.

-Map ( you can google any map you want than print it out)
-paper cutter
-A lot of patience (this project all together took me about 3 hours, of course I did it all in about 1 week because it's very time consuming and also it takes a lot of patience, so I did it in little bit time frames. )

Sam made a map of Pittsburgh, as you can see, hers was super more intricate than mine.
She did a great job!

Here is mine!

I decided I am going to make a different one everytime we move to a different city. I have to make one more, because so far we've lived in two cities. I love the way it turned out, it looks so cool!

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