Sunday, April 8, 2012

DIY: Cute Magnet Board for $4

I have been wanting to make a magnet board forever, but as always I needed to keep everything on a budget. Here's a quick tutorial on how to make a super cute one, perhaps just in time for Easter on a budget. And it's super easy!

Materials needed:
-Adhesive paper (the $1 store has alot to choose from)
-Old cookie tray (good will has tons)
-Magnets ( you can make your own, or just go to the craft store and buy some from the $1 section)
-Cloth pins ($1 store, or I just bought mine at the craft store in the $1 section)
-Ribbon ( I already had some left over)
-E6000 Glue

Measure out how much paper you will need according to the size of the cookie tray.

Step 2:
Start by applying the paper on the front part of the sheet, slowly, don't take off the cover all at once, to make sure you can make modifications in case it starts to stick on crooked. I had to take it off and re-stick it a couple of times before it was on straight.

Step 3:
Once the front part of the sheet is ready, turn your cookie sheet around, and with your ribbon already cut into 2 ribbons, with tape you will tape it on the back to keep it in place,

Once in place where needed, you can glue the ribbon on to the sheet!

Step 4:
Start by sticking another piece of adhesive paper unto the back, after you have measured and sized it according to the size of the sheet.

You might end up with some bubbles, it's alright if they don't fully go away, it still ends up looking great! I tried to makesure there were no bubbles, but it was inevitable.

This is what it should look like on the back

This is what it should look like on the front.

Step 5:
Apply glue unto the cloth pin, and stick it wherever you like.

Just stick your magnets on, and it's complete!

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