Wednesday, June 27, 2012

~Feeling All Tied Up?~

So my friend called me the other day asking me for some tips and advice on how to organize Tie's. Her husband's most priced accessories are his ties, he has over 50, whaa??

Well, I hadn't thought about tie's before, crazy I know, I should have thought and known about it. But I did some research, and found some super awesome tips and ideas on how to organize ties. Here you go...

Check these two awesome ideas for those of you who rent, if you happen to have extra space in your closet or drawers, these are an easy to take with you everywhere you move solution!

How about some nice drawer dividers to divide accessories, such as socks, which will work just as well for ties.

The Container Store

Or an old soda crate? 

Apartment Therapy

And for those of you who have space to spare, designated drawers only for Tie's.

Kevin Sharkey's


And for the super fortunate and spoiled, how about some built in storage just for Ties!

This particular site (houzz) will show you lots and lots of other ways you can store ties. This for example is amazing and very lucky indeed. A pull out long drawer, just for mens accessories. Check out those awesome tie holders.
Hmm..I am smelling me some DIY with these.

And for the less fortunate, but very ambitious, here is another manly accessory station, just for him. 

Apartment Therapy

Oooo... Eye candy indeed. Now I am feeling the inspiration, I hope you did too. Now, lets chop chop and off to organizing some Ties for your very special man.

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