Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY: Summer Dessert Stand

Happy Monday everyone!
I just adore dessert stands, so fun and pretty!
Here is a quick summer fun project.

So for the summer I decided to make a super cute dessert stand, which by the way, can be used for anything, not just cupcakes, for example, this one I made for my best friend as a present. I think she will use it for her jewelry, which let me tell you, is such a great idea!

I bought two super cute and colorful plates, of two different sizes of course. And this cute tiny vase for $0.97. I have seen many tutorials for dessert stands, and most of them use candle sticks of all sizes. I thought this vase would give it a different look.

Don't forget the good glue,
the E-6000 works on anything!

Glue, and you're done! Let dry for a couple of hours.

And you have a beautiful dessert stand.

Show me your DIY dessert stands.


  1. I absolutely LOVE your idea!!! Have seen this at a local shop I adore and have been wanting to try! They also used a saucer glued to the candlestick and made a jewelry holder to keep on your dresser for small jewelry items! I am glad you featured what glued you used because I wasn't sure. Beautiful job!

    1. Well thank you, I am so glad you liked it. I want to make another with saucers too, they're smaller and cute, perfect for jewelry. I am telling you this glue is magic, it works on everything! Watch out for the fumes though, it says on the label if inhaled it may cause cancer...scary.

  2. what a fantastic idea! i love how colorful it is! I plan on making one of these for my jewelry...can't wait!

    1. Thank you Melanie :) super easy! You will love it! Thanks for stopping by.
      Xoxo Claudia