Friday, June 15, 2012

DIY: Swatch Greeting Cards

I love paint swatches! They're so fun to play with.

Ok, I have a million of swatches, and I love to use them in every way that I can.
This time I thought I'd use them to make cards. I made 3 different types of cards this month.

Father's Day Cards

This card is in Spanish for my Dad.

It says " 8 Reasons Why You Are A Great Dad"
And everyone in the family (we have a small family) wrote a little message for dad.

This card I made for the hubs.

Since our baby can't write or paint yet, I traced his little foot and hand as his message to daddy.
Plus my message.

Birthday Card

I left 2 others blank for my two other friends to write their own message to Heidi.

Than she can tie it to close the card.

 What creative ways have you used your paint swatches?

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  1. Nice post, it really helpful and I really appreciate the every detail of it especially those picture, it looks wonderful.. I think I may considerate this one for my birthday card designs. Thanks for sharing. Cheers! :)