Monday, July 23, 2012

Delicious Milestone & ~Pantry Makeover~

Pantry Love

Boy am I excited for this post, over the weekend I helped my mom clean out and organize her pantry. She needed some serious help!


I am sorry to say it looked like a Tornato hit their pantry. Bleh!

So I went to the dollar store and I found some amazing containers, beautiful white containers!!! I fell in love and grabbed all of them, the reason being, is because finding white cute containers at the dollar store is pretty rare. I am so luck I found them!


I labeled everything, in "Spanish" I should have done both English and Spanish, dang! It must have slipped my mind.

Ok, so this one says "Breakfast". Little tiny cereals for the kids.

Doesn't it look much more organized, neat, and compact?

Hornear "To Bake" I know I spelt it wrong on the label, whoops!
Pastas and soups, and rice and beans.

Botanas "Snacks".
Comida Instantania "Instant Meals". Clever no?
Chocolate y Atoles "Hot Chocolate and beverages" Hmm...all ready for the fall.

A bunch of Mexican condiments, you will find a ton of these in a Mexican's pantry lol

Do you remember the bottom part? Well, now you can see everything she has.

On the big buckets she has, Rice & Beans. Before I had no idea what was in there, now we all do!
No more digging in for Bolsas "bags" or Tapaderas "lids". Yay!

Before & After


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