Thursday, July 19, 2012

Re-Organizing Essentials

Boy, do I love organizing closets or what? My only regret this time, was the lack of before pictures, I feel horrible and such a slacker! Anyway, I will show you the end result, you don't always have to purchase containers to organize, Shop you home first!

That is what we did with Loni's linen closet in her bathroom. She loves beauty products, and believe me, they were everywhere. She already had all of the right elements to organize with, the only mistake was that they were just everywhere. But we put them all together on the same shelf.

Hey, life isn't perfect, there will be times when we will be too busy, running late, or too lazy to put everything where it belongs, this is the perfect example of that, because life gets too crazy at times. That being said, remember to take at least 1 day and 1 hour of the month to re-organize 1 closet, maybe 2 or 3 depending on your time, the size of your closet, and if it needs to be re-organized at all.

So we re-organized her closet, we just took everything out, and re-organized it.
Color cordinated all of her towels.

And stored other things easy to grab when in need, like toilet paper!

And of course something very very important, and very essential for me, is to LABEL everything!!! Labels are your best friend when re-organizing, why? because they will always help you stay organized, how you may ask? Well, when you read the label, brushes, you know that's where brushes belong, so you put all of your brushes in the same spot, rather than one in the drawer, the other in the closet, the other on the sink, and the other, where is the other??? My point exactly!

A shelf just for Hair
And speaking of brushes, you see the bin with just brushes? Bliss!

Thank you for visiting today, and go tackle that closet of yours, I know you have been wanting to do it for a while and I know you've been putting it off.

Happy Organizing!

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