Thursday, July 26, 2012

~Desk Drawer Organization~

I am so sorry I have been bad at posting lately, I have been so busy and sick lately. Strep throat! Ugh.., but I didn't want to let you miss out on the lastest of desk drawer organization.

Sara has these two gorgeous desk areas, just lovely!!!

Desk 1

Desk 2

Drawer 1 & 2

The Before was empty, and one drawer had a bunch of these supplies tossed in there. Thank goodness for drawer organizers! I love them! Mix and match as you like.

When organizing your drawer, makesure you can see what everything is. Classify specific things that serve a purpose, as you use. Group things together.

Paper clips together, sticky notes together, tape, strips of paper to label things, paper holders, and headphones.

This drawer has phone books, not just city phone books, but church directories, school phone book, and so on. And an area with pens and paper to take messages when someone calls.

Drawers 3 & 4

Grouping things together makes it easy to find and easier to put back where it belongs.

In case you missed my own little drawers, here is a little flash back!


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  1. Hi! Great desk organization! You should link it up to A Thoughtful Place..she is having an organization linky right now!!

    1. Well thank you Nicky! I missed the linky party :( maybe next week?