Tuesday, July 17, 2012

~Under The Stairs Closet Makeover~

Who loves under the stairs closets? I do, I do! The character inside of them is sort of a bitter sweet feeling, they're cute but they're also a pain in the behind to work with. Loni has this cute and spacious under the stairs closet, she loves the space it provides, but she just wasn't sure how to utilize it well, or how to organize and place things. This is what it used to look like before I worked my magic!

As you can see, she has so much space in this closet, I love how the bigger, the more possiblities there are. As soon as she opened the door and seeing for the first time, I knew exactly what she needed. I suggested three basic elements:

A (take with you) Storage unit, because she is a renter she can't do a built in unit, so by buying a store bought unit, she can take it with her when she moves.

Bins to organize all of her items.

And a broom organizer.

This is the amazing turn out!

A place for everything

Now she can walk in comfortably to put her coat away, get things she needs to clean, and even see the floor!



Under the stairs closets are so fun to work with.
Thanks for stopping by today and I hope this helped you in your under the stairs dilemma.
Happy Organizing Everyone.

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