Monday, August 27, 2012

A Posh Closet!

Good morning, and happy Monday. I hope your weekend was relaxing, as was mine. Last week was possibly the busiest week of my life, and I am so sorry I didn't update my blog as I usually do. Anyway, can you believe August (Summer) is almost over? Noooo!!! It saddens me, and with school starting, I have been busy helping precious clients out with their kids rooms, just in time for the school year. Here is my latest organization project makeover!


 Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to work with a very posh and fortunate young lady, Claire! Her closet is just pretty, but she needed me to bring out it's true identity. Check out the before.

She had all these boxes inside, taking up much needed and sensational space!

Adores books, but they completely became shelffish!

Perfect storage capacity!

So I worked my magic, and shazasm!

Just lovely!
And as you can see, she even has extra space on that top shelf!

Books now have a place of their own in her posh closet!


 Before & After


Thanks for stopping by today friends, stay tuned for more upcoming projects!

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