Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pretty N'Pink N'Organized!

Oh My Gosh!!! This has been the busiest week I have ever encountered so far! My mom went on vacation, therefore, I was in charge of her business this whole week. Plus I had to take care of my own little business, I had my own clients to attend in their organization needs. And to top it all off, my hubby had to leave out of town for his training. With my little one never being left in a daycare before, I had the craziest week ever!!! Man oh man! Did it hurt? Yes, my back!! Luckily, I was still able to keep record of my projects. That being said, this is my latest project!

Last Wednesday I had the sweetest privilage to help Lisete with her super Pretty N' Pink Bedroom! Lori wanted Lisete's bedroom to be ready before school started, so this was the day to get it all done.


Closet 1

Closet 2


Such a cute room, all it needed was a little bit of TLC. That's where I came in!


Closet # 1



Closet # 2

I thought I'd give myself props for this idea, underneath the socks, there is a seperate little "Catch all singles". Pretty cool no?

A place for all her bears, aww...

Aren't her shoes so cute?

And a little bit of organization for her cute desk.

And of course, her bedroom is now Truly Pretty N'Pink!





Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you came today! Stay tuned, more cute closet makeovers to come plus a wonderful reveal that is to die for!!

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