Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Master Bedroom Olio Board!

I am super excited, I will finally be able to work on my master bedroom. Ok, not exactly all the way as I have always dreamt of, but since we are renters, we will only be able to style it up as we can. Meaning, transform with accessories, and small updates on pieces we already own. Anyhow, I am super excited about this!

This is my Dream Master Bedroom, thank you to Olio Board for providing me with the opportunity to show you (my readers) my Mood Board!

Of course, it won't be for a while, we probably won't be buying for quite sometime. We are sort of Nomad-ish!
Ok, so this is what our Master Bedroom will probably end looking like at the moment.
Not exactly with the exact same fabrics, hopefully very close to everything I have chosen though. Perhaps I will find somewhat close to what I have in this mood board. We will keep out IKEA bed, and our dresser, I will update our nightstands with some paint and new hardware. And I will be showing a couple of high low projects coming soon! Yay!!
Oh and of course, my living room is a work in progress. In fact, everything is!
Oh, I am soooo excited! Stay tune, because I will show you what our Master Looks like at the moment, and will also be showing some of the projects I have in mind, meaning, all of the mini updates on some of the pieces already owned.
Have a great rest of the week!

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