Tuesday, August 14, 2012

If it Looks Good, It Smells Good!

Today I want to share just a quick and witty way on how to display and organize your fragrances more efficiently. A little example of a little dream come true!

Loni had all of these great fragrances all thrown in this old shoe box.

You can see her reflection, hahaha!

We got something very similar to this, but not quite this piece.

I love this because it has so many purposes, we got it in the kitchen section at IKEA, now she can see exactly what she has, she can take and use easily, rather than looking and searching for a certain fragrance in a shoe box, and the tray has divisions. Which makes it so much cooler for his and hers.

She likes to place it in her walk-in-closet!

Woohooo!! Gotta love this!
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