Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bathroom Organization: Part 2

Shoe Organizers, who doesn't like shoe organizers? I love them, but not for what you are thinking.

So we have a tiny bathroom, and the only thing we have for storage is a medicine cabinet and under the sink. So to make the most of my space I purchased a very inexpensive shoe organizer from Wally World for only $5 dollars! Yes, a shoe organizer, just because it was made for a certain purpose, it doesn't mean you have to use it for that purpose.

The Bottom 8 compartments are filled with all of my baby's bath time things, from shampoo, baby wash, to rubber toys, and wash cloths.

The mid section is filled with extra shampoo and conditioner, and other creams used for various things, as well as extra cutips and hair spray.  

The top portion is filled with extra tooth paste, and hand wash, as well as other lotions used on a regular basis.

This method of organization and storage works wonders for me. It's easy access, and it is not in the way. With a tiny bathroom for a renter like me, this is the perfect solution for storage needs. I love how neat and organized it looks.

Do you use shoe organizers for other things too? If so, please do share.


  1. I like using these too. My sister in law uses one in her pantry for spices and mixes. I used one in our RV in the bathroom for traveling, the ideas are endless for this little shoe hanger organzir.

    1. That is so cool! I have been planning on using another for my kitchen as well. These are truly perfect for tight spaces. :)

  2. I'm obsessed w/ shoe organizers. Let's walk thru my shoe-organized home: Master bath has 2 doors, so one on each door. One is my socks, one for hubby's socks. Bathroom cabinet door interiors each have shoe bags that I cut down to size for pills, band-aids, ointments, hair bands, whatever. Bathroom cabinet wall interiors also have shoe bags behind plumbing and on sides for cleaners, wash cloths, whatever. Bedroom closet has one on door for "intimates" (bras, slips, bathing wear, etc.); b/c it's a sort of large open closet, it tends to become a dumping ground for the day's items, so I installed another one for the random things that end up on the closet floor: Writing utensils, paperwork (receipts, stubs, etc), buttons, coins, whatever. I then distribute the items to their true homes throughout the house when I get time. I cut down shoe bags to fit the side of my bed. I attached them to the bed skirt all around the bed and they are hidden by the duvet hanging over the side. This eliminates any need for beside tables and they're used for shoes, books we're reading now, phones, headphones, book lights, Vix, pens, etc. It's easy-access hidden storage that has eliminated the bedside clutter! Moving on to the laundry room, I have one on back of door for our large cords, cameras, chargers, iPod accessories, batteries, travel converters, etc. (More frequently-used smaller cords go on Command hooks inside cabinets in laundry room.) Spare bedroom door has my craft items: glue, specialty pens, etc. In the kitchen, I attached them to the back of my china cabinet (which is on casters). You can't see them from anywhere in the kitchen and they hold our less-used items: extra hot sauces, Indian pickles, Asian vinegars, etc. Whenever I need them, I just roll the cabinet out a smidge, grab my item, & roll it back. It's eliminated three whole shelves worth of items!!! Cabinet door interiors have cut-to-size shoe-bags that hold frequently used powdered marinades, etc. (Kitchen utensils, like spatulas, go on Command hooks on side of oven; out of sight, but easy access.) In the office, we only have one tiny organizer on the desk w/ one pen, one pair of scissors, stapler, one roll of tape, etc. Everything else (mice, pens, pencils, CDs, paperclips, etc.) goes in the shoe bag behind the door, out of sight, since the office door is usually open! Bathroom door in guest bathroom has something similar to a shoe-bag. It's designed to hold magazines, though. Then there's the garage! The entire wall has a long row of shoe bags. I put them two-deep (meaning that I hung them with one facing the wall and one facing the space), so it looks like there's only one bag there, but it's double the storage! I have a bag for "Holiday Items," (ribbons, St. Patrick's Day beads, Easter cookie cutters, Halloween costumes, etc.), another for "tools" (hammer, screwdrivers, etc.), another for painting supplies (blue tape, rollers, etc.), another for rarely used electronics&cords (that Walkman we're still not ready to part with, the extra cords to the TV that we'll probably never use, but still aren't ready to toss, etc.)... You get the idea. This garage storage is huge, yet a totally "clean" look, since the whole wall is covered, & takes up virtually no space! Well, that's my semi-embarrassing obsession with The Shoe Bag!

  3. I have one of those in my bathroom as well, but with the years it has become very dirty, especially inside the pockets. Is there a special way to clean it? Thanks!