Thursday, May 17, 2012

{Our Family Room}

We're renters, of course I already mentioned that before. We rent a basement in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. At about 800sqf you can only imagine how creative we must be when arranging furniture, and staging our house in a manner that is functional for us, yet stylish. Although we rent, it does not stop us from innovating our space every day, we like to feel at home wherever we live. We also like to feel comfortable, and for our spaces to reflect our personalities. After all, it's where Life Happens.

 As I mentioned before, we may not be able to renovate, but it doesn't stop us from innovating. I want to show you our delicious family room, and although it is still a work in progress, right now this is what our small but cozy family space looks like.

There is a small empty space where the fire place should be, the landlords decided it was unnecessary, so they left it empty. For us, well it wasn't easy to work with, and for baby, not very friendly. So we decided to block it and hide it away by placing out little entertainment center in front of it. It's kind of cool because it hides most cables out of sight, except for the one coming from the mantel, kind of ugly I know, but in this case, 1 is better than all.

 Notice the blank canvas above the mantel? We are still searching for our other half piece of art.

Baskets have to be a running joke in my home, I love baskets! They are so versitile, I use them for everything! Blankets, shoes. movies, toys, you name it.

A tray on a coffee table has got to be both pretty and practical. Trays not only consolidate things in a neat mannor, but also give it purpose, trays are so powerful, they are easy to move aside when in need of space usage, you can almost put nything on them grouped together, and automatically look prettier.

We keep our remotes in this pretty box. Another pretty but practical way of storing away electronics.

Our two wicker chairs add texture and a relaxed feel to the room.

 I absolutely adore our aqua colored chinese stool. It's so shiny!

This coffee table, I already blogged about how much I am in love with! It's made of reclaimed wood, and the price was a steal! check out my High Low Projects

Our humble living space is a work in progress, and we will continue to update. Thank you so much for visiting, we kindly appreciate it.

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